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Sunday, Online Mindfulness Circles April, May, June 2022

During these sessions we practise mindfulness together as a community as we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty and change.  It’s an opportunity for you to experience stillness,  awaken the senses, and come home to the body through heart-centred mindfulness practices.

Whether you’ve been practising for some time or are new to mindfulness, you’re welcome.

 The practice of mindfulness and self compassion help us to tune into and familiarise ourselves with our reality, discerning what’s  important in our changing lives, while also responding to challenges more skilfully, instead of reacting to what we don’t wish to experience.

Compassion – sometimes described as “a lubricant for the heart”   allows us to meet our experience with greater acceptance and care as we deepen into more conscious and tender relationship towards ourselves and others.

I hope you will join me again for some or all of these upcoming sessions:.

Sunday 10th April (No online session on Sunday 24th April, due to Morning of Mindfulness for Red Cross, see below) 
Sundays: 8th and 22nd May. 
Sundays: 5th and 19th June.

Time: 10.30 – 11.30 am


5 Sessions : €55. 

2 Sessions/ 1 month:€25.

Single 1 hour Session: €15

To book your place and for payment details on 086/8622012 or at

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MORNING OF MINDFULNESS in aid of the Irish Red Cross

Sunday 24th April 2022

There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. It can be difficult to bear witness to so much suffering in Ukraine and elsewhere.

To support you during this time, you are invited to gather as a community for a morning of mindfulness and compassion.

You will be offered a range of nourishing meditations including time outdoors. The practices that will be offered will be simple and supportive.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, email

Suggested donation: €25 to €50


Sunday 24th April 2022
9.45 – 1pm


St Paul’s Parish Centre
31 Silchester Road,
Co. Dublin

All monies raised will be donated to the Irish Red Cross.

Please be assured that we will adhere to any developments regarding Covid.


We plant seeds in the ground
And dreams in the sky,

Hoping that, someday, the roots of one
Will meet the up stretched limbs of the other.

It has not happened yet.
We share the sky, all of us, the whole world:

Together, we are a tribe of eyes that look upward,
Even as we stand on uncertain ground.

The earth beneath us moves, quiet and wild,
Its boundaries shifting, its muscles wavering.

The dream of sky is indifferent to all this,
Impervious to borders, fences, reservations.

The sky is our common home, the place we all live.
There we are in the world together.

The dream of sky requires no passport.
Blue will not be fenced. Blue will not be a crime.

Look up. Stay awhile. Let your breathing slow.
Know that you always have a home here.

By Alberto Ríos

8 Week Mindful Self-Compassion Course, Summer 2022

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion involves treating yourself like you would a good friend who is having a hard time, whatever the circumstances.  Our western culture places great emphasis on being kind to our family, friends and neighbours who maybe struggling. But typically we don’t treat ourselves as well as we do those who are close to us.

Self-compassion is a practice in which we learn to be a good friend to ourselves when we need it most – to become an inner ally rather than an inner enemy.

Although a simple way to think about self-compassion is treating yourself as you would treat a good friend, the more complete definition involves three core elements that we bring to bear when we are in pain: Self-kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness .

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-comp-msc.png Please contact me if you are interested in registering for this programme.

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Meet the facilitator – Eilis Cullen

  • Eilis CullenTrained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (CMSC, University of San Diego)
  • Certified MBSR Teacher, (CFM, University of Massachusetts Medical School)
  • Post Graduate Certificate Mindfulness-Based Approaches (Bangor University, Wales)
  • Mindfulness Supervisor (Bangor University, Wales)
  • Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapist,  MIAHIP, MECP.
  • Gestalt Psychotherapist. (Dublin Gestalt Centre)
  • Board Member Mindful Nation Ireland

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“In the end, just three things matter:

How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go
― G. Buddha


 Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life. – Buddha